We are having a centrally located, well furnished office, working with all modern facilities. We are working in fully computerized environment. In addition to that we maintain a penal of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Quality control Consultants, Engineers, MBAs etc. to complete the task effectively and in efficient manner. We believe in quality. We work from concept to commissioning of the project. Our scope of work may include:

  • Preparation of Technical and Economic Viability Report and DPR.
  • Preparation Layouts and design for the project.
  • Selection of Plant & Machineries and other Equipments.
  • Technical Know How.
  • Preparation of Information for Banks/Financial Institution.
  • Assist to implementation of Project according to plan.
  • Assistance in getting required grant/subsidy if any.
  • System Audit and Energy Audit. Etc.
  • Establishment of complete Cold Chain logistic System.

Interdependent Relationship

Ouer Successes are inter-related, and thus our client involvement is long-term- this ensures continued involvement with the client and their industry, allowing us to fill gaps as they develop, and build client capacity to identify them before they develop
Thus we aim to leave the client better-equipped to deal with